At The Uco Valley


The Bodega is located in Mendoza, an Argentinian province that has become synonymous with wine. Mendoza produces about 70% of Argentina’s wine grapes, encompasses 358,303 acres of vineyards and is home to more than 900 wineries, rooted in the brilliant sun, pure mountain water, warm days, cool nights and poor soils. The jewel of the region is The Uco Valley – its high elevations and different stony alluvial soils create the perfect growing conditions for world-class wines.


The vineyard estates are located at a height between 3,500 and 5,600 feet above sea level. Intense sunlight at higher elevations means the grapes are exposed to more ultraviolet rays, which mature the fruit completely and build natural sugars. The cooler nighttime temperatures allow longer hang-time for fruit, and result in a better balance of sugars and acidity. Grapes grown in these climatic conditions with broad thermal amplitude develop thicker skins with more cells.

The longer growing season typical of high altitude vineyards also impacts color and aroma. There are two ways to measure color: intensity and tone. In higher altitudes, wines tend to go to black or violet tones and there is a great clarity of color. The deeper color is the result of thicker grape skins. Color is present in the cells of the grapes, so the more cells the greater the color. Aroma is another characteristic influenced by altitude. As aroma comes from the grape skin, the thicker the skin the greater the aroma.

Great solar intensity. Complete ripening of the grapes.
Low night temperatures. Better balance between sugars and acids.


The vineyard’s climate is continental and monsoonal, meaning, dry and sunny practically every day of the year. The annual precipitation levels are low: 8” inches on average, mainly during the summer. It usually snows three times per year, during the winter. This weather makes the grapes grow healthy, and avoids the necessity of treatments for humidity and insects’ related diseases.

In the same way, the temperature variation of the region, which reaches 60°F, collaborates with the healthiness of the vines. Research proves that a variation over 55°F, with maximum temperatures lower than 79°F, can produce more tannins and thicker skin, which, at the same time, generates fruits with more color and aroma.

Dry and sunny with just 8” inches of annual rain. Thicker skin.
Great temperature variation: over 60°F. Homogeneous development of sugars, polyphenols, color, acids and flavors.


The vineyards are drip irrigated with pure water from melting snowcaps in the Andes, taken either directly from the streams or from the aquifer below the vineyards. As pure water supply runs down the mountain, it collects minerals along the way. These minerals, Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium are beneficial to healthy plant growth and aid the process of photosynthesis in the vines. This produces a lower pH level in the grape, which means higher acidity, more color in the wine and greater aging potential.

Irrigation with pure meltwater from the Andes. Very good permeability and drainage.
Mineral water. Management of the vigor and the quality of the grapes through trickle irrigation.


The soils vary, but, in general, they are alluvial, sandy, and lie on a gravel bed. These characteristics facilitate permeability and drainage. They have low levels of organic matter and lack fertility. These factors, through a regulated irrigation, allow the agronomy team to control the vigor of the vine and the quality of the grape.

Alluvial and sandy. Very good permeability and drainage. Management of the vigor and the quality of the grapes through trickle irrigation.

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